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Through the adaption and customisation of a global Learner Management Plantforms (LMP), used by universities and corporations around the world, ϵLantis provides its clients with a robust, cost-effective, efficient and reliable software system. Our Learner Management Platform enables educators to create their own private websites filled with dynamic courses to train, anywhere, anytime. Our automated LMP tracks, records and delivers online training in multiple formats. The collaborative, interactive, social and tracking functionalities built directly into the LMS gives trainers and managers the ability to remain in touch with their audiences. These tools create an engaging learning environment which stimulates participation and mastery of material.

ϵLantis not only supplies the software but also digitizes training material to populate the system with rich engaging course-ware. Through partnerships with videographers, animators, graphic designers and e-Learning experts the company gives clients highly diverse options for their e-Learning content.

At ϵLantis, smart solutions are at the core of all that we do. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Our e-Learning products are designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide smart e-Learning solutions for entities of all sizes and pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated service. At ϵLantis, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge will lead towards a successful future.

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Employee Development

The LMP will help you place employees at the center of your organization. The use of the system will supply employees with more engaging and accessible training material. Users can progress according to their own pace and review and revise whenever necessary.

The software promotes anywhere anytime education and encourages collaboration and positive competition between individuals and teams.

Reduce Training Time

The software promotes anywhere anytime education and encourages collaboration and positive competition between individuals and teams. With the use of modern engaging e-Learning material organisations can improve performance, increase retentions and position themselves as leaders of digital and social transformation.

Reduce Training Cost

Cost reduction is often the main reason why organisations switch from traditional classroom-based training to e-Learning. In-house training tends to be very expensive, primarily because of the need for a professional trainer who will deliver it and who will help employees improve their knowledge and skills. On the other hand, e-Learning only requires an online training platform or Learner Management System (LMP).

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Improve Outcomes

Customised analytics assist to identify students falling behind or those at risk of dropping out. By providing educators with precise up-to-the-minute data on results and progression the LMS allows them to quickly identify stumbling blocks and implement measures to overcome them. Through the use of an Artificial Intelligence engine, the system utilizes machine learning to analyze individual behavior and predict outcomes. Over time the LMP becomes more effective at predicting outcomes and providing early warnings concerning at risk students. 

Attract Audiences

The LMP can host an enormous variety of content from audio, to visual to interactive documents and tests the LMP can deliver training in almost any format. The diverse content hosting and convenient delivery with the ability to train without a live person means the LMP is perfectly suited to attract external audiences. Whether necessary to educate customers and/or clients or to deploy an informative content marketing tool or to simply to sell courses directly to the public the LMP has the functionality.

Simplify Compliance

Whilst customizing the LMP we have kept compliance closely in mind. The broad range of compliance requirements stretching across multiple sectors are constantly expanding and changing. It is becoming increasingly onerous for companies to remain abreast of the latest compliance legislature.

From generic compliance such as health and safety to sector specific compliance the Learner Management Platforms can aid, streamline and improve companies’ compliance training.

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Improve B-BBEE

As a priority element of the B-BBEE scorecard it is essential to reach Skills Development targets to improve or retain a B-BBEE level.

The software system will allow organisations to optimize their Skills Development spend through improved completion rates. Improved completions will ensure maximum points can be obtained for skills development training.

Through data collected on the platform entities can track their Skills Development figures and measure it against their annual B-BBEE targets.

The data can also be utilized to calculate tax rebates in line with the annual allowance and completion allowance as stipulated in Section 12H of the Income Tax Act.

Data provided by the system allows managers to determine the exact date of any drop-offs and/or course completions. This allows staff to conveniently obtain a clear accurate picture of their Skills Development initiatives.

Organise Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) & Annual Training Reports (ATR)

The information captured in each user profile can be customised to include any additional data required.

By incorporating custom fields into user profiles the system can log and record vital information needed for completion of the WSP and ATR.

Through customization of data captured for each user the software will record vital user information to be used later to streamline and simplify plans and reports.

Having all training activities stored and accessible from a central location allows Skills Development Facilitators to draft WSP and ATR tables more swiftly and accurately.

Through accurate convenient access to training information and user profiles workplace skills plan targets can be measured at any time during the WSP cycle.

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