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Software that helps you build a better business environment from training your staff to tracking compliance requirements and interactive content creation.

Employees no longer enjoy traditional training methods.
That’s why ELantis LMS is a game-changer.

Our Cloud-based app was built from the ground up with real people in mind. It’s easy to use and easy to love.

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Elantis LMS gives you complete control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers and partners.Take advantage of 100% personalized content creation, cooperative learner experience, and exceptional client support.

Why Elantis LMS?

One learning platform for all your enterprise needs.
Train employees, partners, and customers effectively with a modern digital learning platform.
Deliver a personalized learning experience that encourages discovery and consumption.
Take advantage of rich analytics that enables effective decision-making.

Experience a world-class enterprise LMS from Elantis that is:

Recognized by leading analysts and industry bodies.
Awarded for excellence across multiple categories.
Adopted by leading brands around the world.

Elantis LMS Highlights

Mobile Learning Platform

Custom Awards & Certificates

Custom Reporting & Analytics


Personalization Content Creation

24/7 Software Support
and System Updates

Use Elantis LMS for

Employee Reskilling

Stay ahead of your competition with a workforce that’s skilled and informed.

A learning management system (LMS) is one essential tool. However, an LMS alone is not enough. The Elantis team will assist with skill-based learning plans to promote employee engagement. Also, encourage proactive reskilling initiatives with gamification points, certifications, and badges.

To truly address the skills gaps of your employees with the learning and development they need, you’ll want a robust LMS paired with a competent LMS partner to guide you every step of the way.

Sales And Partner Training

Empower internal and external sales teams to achieve better success in closing deals.

Keep standards high and ensure partners are up-to-date on their training with personalized certifications. Use automated processes to set training reminders, re-enrollment dates, and recertification timelines.

Replace costly in-person training, get access to in-depth performance analytics, create rich insights that inform the business, provide personalized learning content and reach your global partners through online learning.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is a legal requirement for many organizations, so it may be mandatory for you to schedule it regularly for your employees, as well as to track and record it correctly.

By using the correct tools, Elantis LMS for this purpose can be an incredibly efficient way of managing, delivering and tracking compliance training within your organization.

Choose an enterprise LMS that is easy to set up and offers industry-leading features: Recurring certifications, Automatic report generator, Centralized management for multiple learning platforms, Mobile and user-friendly

Franchisee And Store Training

Elantis Workplace provides branch heads and franchisee owners with their own  instances of the LMS.

Train your franchisee workforce to effectively manage training content and staff requirement, centralize control and an end to unnecessary duplication of infrastructure and workloads, but with the opportunity to delegate management and administration tasks to within each company, division or franchise, including customization, integration with other systems and organizational hierarchies.

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