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Manage Education Online

Our Learner Management System (LMS) provides a comprehensive digital classroom to monitor, track, record and manage all training in realtime. Realtime analytics and reporting can be accessed at any-time from any location.  The comprehensive tracking functionality gives administrators a detailed snapshot of learner activity. User logs and activity reports provide clear illustrations of each user’s progression indicating whether a user is progressing to plan or battling to overcome a challenge or obstacle.

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Increase Interest & Improve Results

The software drives interest through contemporary training techniques and engaging activities. The LMS brings content to life with modern training methods and interactive exercises. The latest training techniques deployed in the architecture of the software draws attention and lures interest strengthening engagement and improving outcomes. The digital resources available in the LMS support blended learning (with a teacher or instructor) and fully automated, independent eLearning.

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Digitise Content

Design, create and adapt eLearning content to increase knowledge retention and improve work performance. Clear concise content is crucial to the success of any training programme and our expertise in content digitisation means we can assist with the migration of content to the cyber environment. Our intimate knowledge of the LMS allows us to design and adapt training material to exploit the strengths of the software. Our focus on the production of clear and concise content is learner centric and we constantly strive to produce digital content that can be be absorbed rapidly and retained effectively

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Simplify Compliance

The detailed audit trail generated by user activity and stored automatically allows compliance related training to be tracked, assessed and recorded. Automated certificates and notifications allow managers to remain well-informed of all compliance training. Customisable dashboards and analytics permit organisations to view progress and ensure they are meeting their compliance goals. No matter the compliance criteria our system will log, record and supply proof that staff have been sufficiently trained to meet compliance specifications.  

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We are future-focused – meaning technology plays an important role in everything we do. We will help you improve your training technology and deliver innovative, reliable training anywhere anytime. 

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